Claude Nicolas s.a.
Claude Nicolas s.a. is a family-company of négociant/éleveur since 1945 and situated in the middle of the vines of Fronton in the Southwest of France. Here they are the main player on the market.

In the very beginning we only worked with Vins de Table. In the course of years evolved the house steeds more and more towards quality wines and the Appellations Contrôlées. Nowadays our activities are expended over the whole of the Sud-Ouest where we are interested in all AOC's, VDQS and Vins de Pays. Purchase contracts, covering several years, with 8 winegrowers in the Southwest enable us to follow the quality of the wine, to add the opinion of our oenologs and technicians and eventually to accompany the wines in oak barrels.
Our turnover mounts up to Euro 9 million for a volume that approaches 20 million litres per year.
We have at our disposal:
- a winecellar,
- a laboratory for quality control,
- our own transport service,
- administration– and accounting offices.
With this organisation we can react quickly to our customers' orders.
We guarantee prices per contract for wines that we offer in bulk.
We offer a wide scale of wines:
Two tank-lorries are daily on the road.
- Vins de Table Français,
- Vins de Pays Français,
- Vins de Cépage,
- Vins d'A.O.C. du Sud-Ouest de la France,
- Vins d'A.O.C. du Sud-Est de la France.

Also, we offer our own bag-in-box of 3, 5 and 10 litres and a standard box of 20 litres.
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