Claude Nicolas s.a.
The wines
Almost all our wines are at disposal in bottle, in bag-in-box and in bulk (see the pricelists). In principal the bottled wines are exactly the same as those in bag-in-box. Nevertheless there might be a minim difference in taste caused by the different packing.

IMPORTANT: As samples we present our basic wines.
In every case we can adapt the wines to your personal wishes. A bit more or less colour? Some dryer or a bit more sugar? Discuss this with Michel Carrère, the oenologue.
- Vins de Table Français,
- Vins de Pays Français:
- VdP Gascogne,
- VdP Côtes du Tarn,
- VdP Comté Tolosan,
- VdP d'Oc.
- Vins de Cépage:
- Syrah,
- Merlot,
- Cabernet,
- Gamay,
- Sauvignon,
- Chardonnay.
- Vins d'A.O.C. du Sud-Ouest de la France:
- Gaillac,
- Cahors,
- Côtes du Frontonnais,
- Madiran.
- Vins d'A.O.C. du Sud-Est de la France:
- Corbières,
- Minervois,
- and others.
Two tank-lorries are daily on the road.
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