Bordeaux & Duras
Château Faurie
The Aquitaine region was home to Eleanor of Aquitaine and the famous poet Ausonius. During the first Napoleonic Empire, the region was divided into several départements. The division between the Gironde and Lot et Garonne went straight through the middle of our vines.

This administrative boundary officially settled a quarrel between the Benedictine monks of Saint-Ferme and the Dukes of Duras that lasted from the 16th century until the French Revolution. As early as the 11th century, winegrowers on the western side of Dieulivol hill came under the jurisdiction of the former, and those on the eastern side owed allegiance to the latter. Wine is still made with the finest grape varieties on both sides of this slope and we offer:
The monks' red Bordeaux from the western part, in the Gironde département.
The Dukes' red and white Côtes de Duras from the eastern part, in the Lot-et-Garonne département.
Aquarelle du Château.
White Côtes de Duras is made from the same grape varieties as the Entre-Deux-Mers, Especially Sauvignon Blanc. It is an ideal accompaniment to trout, pike, shad and seafood.

Red Côtes de Duras and red Bordeaux are so similar that only a specialist can tell them apart. When young, they are delicious with white meat and pork. With age, they develop a subtle flavour that is perfect with grilled meats, roats, cassoulet au confit, a rich bean dish with preserved duck, and cheese.

Our Duras and Bordeaux wines are made from the same soil, according to traditions dating back to Roman times. They are aged in our cellars with all the care worthy of their origin. We hope that you will enjoy these wines in the spirit of the monks of Saint Ferme and the Dukes of Duras.
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