Côtes de Duras
Domaine du Vieux Bourg
Vintners from generation to generation

Our family has been established in the Duras region for more than 200 years and seven generations of dedicated wine growers have nurtured the wines that people today savour so much. It was in 1952 that Georges Bireaud bought the domaine du Vieux Bourg. Since then, we have patiently dedicated our time to bringing out the very best from the Domaine's vineyards...
Our range of products:
All our wines come from a carefully tended vineyard covering 30 hectares, with only the best of red and white vine plants.
The red wines are full bodied and have a rich colour. They are perfect for laying down, are excellent with red meats, cassoulet and cheese.
The dry white wines, delicate and fruity, go well with fish and sea food.
The moelleux white wines have a much fuller texture. They are sublime with foie gras, with desserts, or even as an apéritif.
Domaine du Vieux Bourg.

Les rosés, frais et sympathiques, sont les vins de l'été.

Bienvenue au Vieux Bourg

La propriété est située sur l'ancien village de Pardaillan, aujourd'hui presque entièrement disparu. Le chai lui-même occupe l'emplacement d'une chapelle autrefois dédiée à Sainte Anne, tandis que les ruines du château sont encore visibles, vieilles pierres hantées par le souvenir des vaillants seigneurs de Pardaillan.
The wine-tasting.
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